Another Blackberry-Android Phone Called Blackberry Motion to be Launched Soon

Blackberry was unveiled at this year's MWC and there's been rumors ever-since that the once top used phone brand in the world will resurrect and return to the mobile phone market. Now, I do not know for certain what these guys are cooking up exactly but I as sure that we've seen some leaks that are enough to at least have a believe that Blackberry is returning. 
image-of-Blackberry Motion
Just 2 weeks ago we saw BlackBerry (Android) Krypton and now there's been another leak of a new Blackberry phone that is in the making, courtesy of evaLeaks According to evaleaks who's records in leaks of smartphones is very outstanding, the Blackberry Motion was formally referred to as Blackberry krypton but we will know for sure when it finally goes live later this month.

So far, there isn't much to go with so far in regards of the specs of Blackberry Motion, but here is what we know;
   ✔   Snapdragon 625 (or newer 626) processor

   ✔   Full HD 1920X1080 display

   ✔   4GB RAM

   ✔   32GB inbuilt memory

   ✔   4000mAh inbuilt Battery

   ✔   Home button with built-in fingerprint scanner

   ✔   IP67 certified dust and water resistant

There seem to be some similarities in specs of this Blackberry Motion and Blackberry Krypton. But only time will tell if they are the same device or entirely different. We are expectant and are patiently waiting to get accurate specs of this device asap

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